It is the best way to gat UC in PUBG Mobile forfree.Elite Royalte Pass offers a total of 600 UC as RP mission rewards. The players need to by the Elite Royalte Pass just once and need to complete the RP missions.

Jude Thorn - PUBG


I have got dj alok by spinning thanks a lot for free diamond and I have collected 4000 diamond in 3 months. It takes time but you should have patience.

Roy Smith - FreeFire


The best and legit app I have ever seen it's giving real 30 uc to winners . From it slowly but yes we can buy a elite pass and enjoy all the skins and legendary items for free.

Marsha Singer - PUBG


Highly recommended. Definately you can save a lot of money on your shopping, also have to say cash back gets tracks very easily and also team responds very quickly to all your requests. Really nice app.

Tim Shaw - PAYTM


Fantastic app. The experience is very rich. customer support also very nice. There also have great offer.

Lindsay Spice - PAYTM


Royal Pass was designed to offers Free UC on daily basis and Royal pass, So if you want to get free unknown cash or cash battle then you should try this useful app. This app also offers many genuine ways of earning free uc and free royal pass

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