RoyalPass App Privacy Policy Page


This is to notify that, we have done certain improvements in RoyalPass services from time to time, so it is suggested to refer Policy page on regular basis to be aware about any changes. We assume that by visiting App / Website or any other RoyalPass service, you give us a consent to use, collect or store data for services we provide.
This App is designed to use in INDIA only. A person with valid Indian mobile SIM can use this App. You are advised to not use this App from outside INDIA. It is recommended to not use any virtual / private network(VPN) to access RoyalPass App.
This Privacy Policy shall apply equally to RoyalPass website or mobile applications

Personal Data Shared with us by RoyalPass App/Website: To use the RoyalPass App/Website services or to register / Login you have to provide following information.
A. Mobile Number: We will validate and verify your mobile number via OTP process.
(i). Mobile number is required to use to handle your queries.
(ii). Sometime Mobile number can be used to send you custom offers related information.
In case you don’t want to share your mobile number, we will not able to give our App services to you.
B. Email address: RoyalPass user email address will be used for communicate service notifications (User activity on RoyalPass App & Service related notification), Other use case are :
(i). We will verify your email id address to detect fraud/unauthorised usage or access of RoyalPass App.
(ii). We will use your email address to send you payout/rewards related notifications And reply back you on queries related to use of RoyalPass App services
When you register for RoyalPass App, we may futher reach you from time to time to update your profile so we can provide you better custom base offers that are more relevant to you. Once you agree to our privacy policy, you give us the consent to use the information provided by you. In case you are not comfortable with providing the information, please do not use RoyalPass services.
After following the registration process you can complete the profile section via providing below information.
(i). Your personal information like name / Age / Gender / Income etc.
(ii). Your location – City / State or address etc.
(iii). Your interests.
(iv). Other information – Vehicles or home ownership status etc.
Overhead information is completely optional and you may choose not to share the same. This information will help is to provide you better custom made offers for you, which may interest you more.

Use of Personal Data We Capture: These information is only captured from your mobile phone after you give permission to RoyalPass App, this information can be taken from third parties in certain cases. This data is used to provide best services to our users and to improve overall experience or to check fraud or un-authorized activities. All information’s are captured after user permission wherever required.
(i). Mobile Device Information – We capture hardware, device model, manufacture details, unique device identifiers and network information along with phone number. We use this information to deduct fraud and unauthorized installs and to deduct your activities on RoyalPass App.
(ii). Log Data – When you use RoyalPass services, we collect some data logs. These may include:
(a). Reading SMS messages for OTP verification.
(b). How you use our App.
(c). IP Address.
(d). Crashes, system activity, hardware settings, the date and time of your request and referral URL.
(e). Cookies.
(iii). Location Data – While you are using RoyalPass App, we may collect and store your location, we can use IP address, GPS or any other mobile hardware to get the same, this information will be used to sustain and improve user experience.
(iv). Unique Application Numbers – This can be used to get information about your services install or uninstall via RoyalPass App, this will help us in keeping a track of offers used by RoyalPass App and help us to provide better services within the App.
(v). Native Storage – We may use / store some application data or caches in native storage. This information is used to maintain login sessions and to sync with RoyalPass servers and update services we deliver via RoyalPass app for next usage.
(vi). Cookies – We may use cookies or similar tech to classify your device. We may use this information to communicate with services we offer to our partners, such information can appear on other websites or SDKs we use for analytics that will help use in Traffic or cash analytics.

Disclosure/Share of Personal Data: Data collected by us is not shared with any organization, company or individual outside RoyalPass except following conditions:
(i). With your Approval – We share device level information with our partners when you provide approval for same. When you agree our privacy policy, you provide us the consent to share the same. These information’s will be shared with 3rd party service providers to personalize your App experience and for analytics purpose.
(ii). Outside Processing - This can be for analytical processing or for any legal reasons.

Additional 3rd Party Websites/Apps Links: RoyalPass may include links to allow you to visit additional websites or applications. However, once you have used these links to depart our site, you should note that we do not have any power over the other related website. Therefore, we cannot be answerable for the security and privacy of any data which you provide to visiting such sites and these applicable sites are not administrated by this privacy statement. You should use exercise attention and look at the privacy statement related to the website in question.

Friend Invites/Referral If you choose to use any of our Invites/Referral services for informing friends about our site/mobile app, you will be asked to provide your friends' names, mobile numbers and e-mail addresses. You may enter this information manually, or you can also choose to import your contacts from your mobile device, email address book or Facebook address book in which case you will be asked to provide us with your email address, which will be used solely for the purpose of importing your contacts within the referral service. We will then automatically send your friends a one-time text message, whatsapp, message or e-mail, plus a reminder (both of which may include your name, mobile number and email address) inviting them to visit our site/mobile app. We ask for this information for the sole purpose of sending these emails and tracking the success of our referral program.

Spin Lucky Wheel:
(i). User will got a Free Spin Lucky Wheel every 30 minutes. (ii). A User can accumulate up to 3 Free Spins only. (iii). A User can participate by spinning Lucky Wheel and winning the award amount. (iv). The denomination of Amount/Coins shown in the wheel is in Indian Paisa, like 10 Paise = 0.10 Indian Rs. (v). User winning Coins amount needs to be redeemed into RoyalPass balance. The minimum coins amount that can be redeemed to RoyalPass App balance is 100 Ps. coins.

Authorizations that We Require: RoyalPass may require some authorizations from your handset
(a). Handset App History – We may fetch Apps that are presently running on your device.
(b). Identity - Different identifiers details for your device.
(c). Read & Write permission – This is to ease communication process.
(d). Location – To provide custom base or Area base services to user.
(e). SMS – Primary to read and identify OTP SMS.
(f). For further queries and concerns about the information collected or used at this site, please contact

Legal Contact Information: If you have any questions or concerns, grievance relating to the processing of information about our privacy policies, please contact us: